About Product

Wall Stickers are quickly gaining popularity as more and more people are discovering how easily and inexpensively wall graphics can transform a room, office and children play room. I Love Wall Sticker blogshop offers a large selection of Modern Contemporary Wall Sticker, Wall graphics, Wall Decal and Children Wall Sticker or Wall decal from the industries top designers from Korea, Taiwan and China and more.

Our product can be applied on walls, glass, mirrors, windows, floors and even your furniture, the areas you can use is only limited by your own imagination. However, do take note that the surface you intended to use MUST be on a SMOOTH and FLAT surface and not applicable to the following areas
1)Rough and uneven surface
2)Old painted wall which may caused paint to de-laminate if you try to remove the wall sticker

One point to note is that though our Wall Stickers or Wall Decal is REMOVABLE, it is NOT REUSEABLE

Do take note that removing of wall sticker may cause wall paint to peel so pasting on the wall is the sole responsibility of buyer.


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