Step By Step DIY Adult Vinyl Sticker

Operation Ways of PVC Wall Sticker

1. Tools preparation: Scissors, Knife, Credit card or something.

2.Peel the transparent transfer film from the back paper and then cover it on the sticker.

3. Use the card to scrape the sticker part covered by the film.

4. If it is a combined picture, you need to cut it into small pieces according to the original design.

5. Peel off the transfer film softly from the back paper. Unsticky part can be done under the help of knife.

6. For big size picture, you can operate in this way: turn over the sticker, peel off the back paper with one hand while pressing the picture with the other.

7. When pasting, upraise the sticker with one hand and screeding the part pasted on the wall.

8. Screeding the whole sticker with the card from the center to the board.

9. Peel off the film gently.

10. Congratulations!


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