Malaysia Resident

How To Order

Once you have selected your design you should do the following

1) Send us an email at and indicate the following

a. Name:

b. Model Number:

c. Quantity:

d. Postage Charges Registered Mail to any part of Malaysia ( Add $SGD12)

e. VIA PAYPAL acct ( You can transfer even you do not have a PAYPAL acct, all you need is a credit or debit card)

f. Address:

2) Within 24hrs you should be getting an confirmation email from us with our PAYPAL account number and total amount payable.

3) Notify us once you have transfer the corrected amount to our designated account.

4) Once verified that the amount is corrected, we shall proceed to send out the package within

5) Do let us know if you have received the item by dropping us an email or on our enquiry box
on our homepage

For other countries, mailing rates shall be computed and sent through email (Step 2)

Do note that our mail packages sent out are in mailing tube to prevent stickers from accidentally damage during mailing.

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